Saturday, March 6, 2010

Changes in Tiny Delights Blog

Because most of my followers and guests do not speak or understand Portuguese, starting today, this blog will be in English. I know that my Portuguese followers will not be angry with me, because everyone understands English :)


Linda Carswell said...

Thank you so much for that Ana....makes like so much easier!

Regards, Linda x

Sandy said...

That is very sweet of you....i for one really appreciate that :-)

Eva J said...

Thank you! that´s very nice!

Eva J

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you! I do wish I were bi- or multi- lingual but sadly, I only speak or understand English. Now I do wish my new added blogger, PuNo in Germany would include a translator on her blog as I'd love to read what she's up to instead of just enjoying the pictures.


Tiny Delights said...

Our luck is that the photos always say a lot:)


Tiny Delights said...

Glad you liked the change. :)