Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mediterranean Pies

After I received many requests to make  more pies, I decided to make some Mediterranean-style pies.
In Portugal we have a Mediterranean diet and for me, onion, tomato and peppers are very familiar. Many Portuguese recipes have tomato and onion. Our diet is very much like the Spanish, the Greek and Italian diet.
Don`t they look tasty?


The Old Maid said...

Yes they do! And I want to go on holidays when I see such tasty food!

rosanna said...

Yes it does ! big Hurray for the Mediterranean diet ! Rosanna

Glenda said...

Beautifully made - they look delicious!

Arantxa said...

Great!! Delicious!!


linsminis said...

Fabulous Ana! Simply wonderful work :-)) Mini hugs, Linda

Hanna said...

These pies makes my mouth watering! Love how you made then!!

Ascension said...

Si no te importa, me apunto a comer!!!!!!!!!!, tenemos los mismos gustos jejejejeje.
Realmente, haces que se ensalibe la boca solo con ver los platos, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Catherine said...

Oooooh That looks delicious!!! I would love to try that in the real world.

elis said...

Que empadões mais apetitosos!!! Que tal convidares-me para o jantar?!!!
Parabéns Ana, estão lindos!!!