Sunday, May 9, 2010

New work - I love Prep Tables

I love Prep Tables :)

Last week I made some miniatures that I haven`t had the time to show you. 
Here they are!!!
-Peach Pie and Jam - Prep Table
-Bakery Cupboard
-Chicken Empanadas - Prep Table

You can see moro photos here: My Flickr 
You can buy  here: My Etsy


The Mini - Maker said...

WOW! Sooooo Jealous of your talent! These are awesome! Keep doing what you do best!!!!



Xisca ( papallona ) said...

que maravilla de mesas!!!!!
me gusta mucho el desorden reinante en ellas.... como en la vida misma.

Ascension said...

Se nota que te gusta hacerlas.
Porque no te pueden quedar mas reales.
Da la sensacion de que puedes coger todos los productos y tocarlos.
Una verdadera maravilla!!!
besitos ascension

synnøve said...

A lot of tiny delights here!!! Lovely work as always:D
Synnøve :)

Merry Jingle said...

They look wonderful, love them all :)


alisson said...

They look wonderful! Amazing work :)

Anonymous said...

I fell totally in love with your incerdible works! :)

Tiny Delights said...

Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you like my work.


elis said...

Que mesas coloridas!!!! Parabéns Ana. Ficaram mesmo muito bonitas.

mr. pineapple man said...

this is amazing! did u make all the utensils as well? great job!