Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mediterranean style - prep table

Mediterranean style - prep table.
Another prep table with all ingredients to prepare a delicious and tasty Mediterranean meal. ALL TERRACOTA items are handcrafted by myself.
Will be available at my Etsy store in a few minutes. Stay tuned!:)


Vanessa said...

ADOREI!!! Excelente trabalho Ana! Os meus parabéns! Também sou uma "dollhouse addict" e por isso fiquei encantada com os seus trabalhos!!! Bjs. Vanessa

berri said...

this is absolutely beautiful!
wonderful work!


Arella said...

Beautiful! The smallest details are just amazing.

Glenda said...

It is superb - the detail and presentation are excellent!!

miniacollection said...

Your work is very amazing. Not only you make the food but also the terracotta dishes. You are very talented.

Patty said...

Everything looks so stunning. I love the wood stack down below! So much detail that you have made!! Beautiful work!!

El mundo de PADI said...

Precioso todo!!! Besos

elis said...

´Mais uma maravilha, Ana. Parabéns.