Sunday, November 7, 2010

NOW available! - Have Fun

NOW available at my ETSY store - Christmas cookies and chocolates molds - DIY - HAVE FUN!!! :)
My opinion about molds and cutters:
No miniaturist can say he/she does not use them. Everybody uses cutters and/or molds for their work. They can make their own molds as I do, but everyone uses them. 
What counts is being creative and be good with their handwork; the molds and cutters are not miracle workers. So,  have fun!
What do you think about this?


Tabitha Corsica said...

I have to agree for the most part. Though there are those who insist they do not use "molds", I'd guess that all folks who work with polymer clay use cutters of some sort for many things. Depends what they are making...and there is nothing wrong with it. Do real size bakers form each gingerbread cookie by hand? I have a beautiful real-size bundt pan I use for pound cake. Why shouldn't a miniaturist avail themselves of a similar tool? The details are what makes each piece unique.

Dlsarmywife said...

Your molds are awesome!!! I am totally on board with using molds and cutters. If a TOOL allows me to create a better looking product, quicker and more efficiently, then why not! Then I can pass the savings of my time on to my customers, making everybody happy! =D
BTW I am Soooo eyeballing your Santa mold! It's faboo!